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About Us

Canterbury Music Makers is a charitable society constituted in February 2004 to promote education in and the appreciation of music through the preparation and presentation of public orchestral concerts.


The Society meets on Monday evenings in term time from 7.30 to 9.30 and we end each term with a concert. We have about 50 members who come together to enjoy making music. We do not hold auditions but invite new members to come to two or three rehearsals before deciding if they want to join us.

We play a wide variety of music including classical overtures and other orchestral works, as well as concertos with local soloists; we also enjoy playing selections from musicals or film scores and original compositions or arrangements by members or friends of the orchestra.

We always try to support local charities by fund-raising at our concerts and we are grateful to the local churches, in and around Canterbury, who regularly host our concerts.

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