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We are very fortunate to have for our rehearsal venue, the warm and spacious surroundings of the recently built St. Andrew's United Reformed Church in Canterbury (opposite).

Why not join our orchestra!!

If you like playing your instrument and would like to have fun and make music with others then come along. There are no stressful auditions!!!

Go to the contact page for further information and map.

We are back playing again!

We had our first orchestral rehearsal of the term on Monday 21st September and it was immediately obvious that, even with everyone so far apart, it worked and we had a really good evening.

We are limited on numbers but can fit thirty players into the Church. If you would like to come and play in future weeks, please email Virginia and she will do all she can to fit everyone in as often as possible. 

Steve Wassell was as pleased to be back conducting us as we were to see him fully recovered. We will start the term by practising some the music we did not have a chance to play at the end of March but Steve has lots of other ideas for the term, too.


Thanks to everyone who made it possible for the rehearsals to restart, especially to St Andrew's United Reformed Church for allowing us to come and use the Church again.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back as often as possible for the rest of the term!

I found the orchestra members friendly and the music enjoyable.

It is a great sound when we all get together and play music we enjoy.

Paul Hillier 1st Violin and Viola

CMM Charity Number : 1106924